Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock ® - Aerosol Sunscreen
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Travel Size

Fly-savvy travelers who want to avoid long queues at check-in and the baggage carousel often opt for cabin-only suitcases so it's important to be in-the-know about what you can (and can't) pack if your case is going in the hold.

You can take toiletries or other liquids that are in containers no larger than 100ml but all items must fit in a single, transparent and resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm.  This includes liquids, gels and aerosols.

Here at Techniblock, we have an excellent range of sunscreens and insect repellents under 100ml so they are absolutely ideal for a few days away.

Our handy, travel-size cans make travelling with only carry-on luggage a breeze!  It means you'll have less stuff to lug around and you'll avoid having to pay baggage fees and, let's face it, checking in your bag can double your flight price! Plus, there's no chance of the airline losing your case if it isn't checked.

Techniblock cans are airtight and sealed with a twist-top, locking lid so there's no risk of the sunscreen leaking all over your kit and once you've arrived at your destination, they are small enough to pop in a rucksack or back pocket for protection on the go.  Simple!

Techniblock® SPF 50  75ml Active Performance Sunscreen
£ 10.00
Free from Oxybenzone and Octinoxate
Reef-friendly, ultra-mist spray

Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent 85ml
£ 8.00
Great protection against bites, now
available in a mini, travel-size can

Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent 85ml 4-Pack
£ 25.00
The best repellent to keep the bugs at bay
Save £4 when you buy this pack
Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent Stick 30g x 2
£ 15.00
Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent Stick
ideal for neck, face, wrists and ankles

Techniblock® SPF30 Sunscreen 75ml
£ 10.00
perfect for on-the-go
only travel (under 100ml)

Techniblock® SPF 30 Sunscreen 75ml x 2
£ 17.50
Non-greasy protection
Great for golfers
Save when you buy 2
Techniblock® SPF 30 Sunscreen 75ml x 4
£ 30.00
Light, easy to apply aerosol
spray that works upside down
Techniblock® SPF50+ Sunscreen 75ml
£ 10.00
Pocket protection
Very high protection
for skin prone to burning
or with vitiligo
Techniblock® SPF50+ Sunscreen 75ml x 2
£ 17.50
The perfect size for hand-luggage
only travel, under 100ml
Techniblock® SPF 50+ Sunscreen 75ml x 4
£ 30.00
Long lasting sun protection for
fair skin with this added
value pack of 4

Weekend Sun Protection Pack
£ 29.50
(-15.25%) £ 25.00

All your sunscreen essentials for
cabin baggage-only travel

Weekend Sun Protection Pack
£ 30.00
(-16.67%) £ 25.00

All your sunscreen essentials for
cabin baggage-only travel

Anti-Mosquito Citronella Bands
£ 10.00
A natural, citronella-impregnated colourful band to keep mosquitoes away.

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