Techniblock Sunscreen - a clear aerosol spray, non-greasy, unscented, fast drying, high protection
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Techniblock ® - Aerosol Sunscreen
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Travel Accessories


Best spf sunscreen - Techniblock

Perfect pampering treats before, during and after your holiday

Get yourself holiday ready with our fabulous range of skincare and bodycare products.

Prep your skin with Tropic Body Smooth, a nourishing body exfoliator for skin that's super soft and smooth.  Get your feet ready for the beach with the Tropic Walk on the Beach collection.

We also have the Tropic Travel Essentials skincare pack, containing a handy-sized cleanser, toner, moisturiser, facial oil and lip balm, perfect for any trip.  Plus, 4 gorgeous mini body washes in 4 exotic and indulgent fragrances for on-the-go shower heaven.

And not forgetting, Peaceful Sleep insect repellent to protect against insect bites, Tropic Tamanu Balm, an absolute skin saviour for everything from rashes to coldsores and Techniblock Aftersun to soothe and nourish sun-kissed skin that's been protected all day by Techniblock Sunscreen.

Your complete holiday shop from Techniblock

Travel Accessories from Techniblock

See also our dedicated Tropic website

If you click through to the Tropic from Techniblock website, please note that you will be required to create a new account and any order for Tropic products cannot be combined with Techniblock orders.  Only the items featured on this Travel Accessories page can be ordered at the same time as your Techniblock order.  If in doubt, please give us a call on 01462 701857 - we're happy to help.

12cm Sensor Mirror
£ 109.99
This travel mirror by Simple Human features the Tru-lux light system, for optimum brightness and colour
Walk on the Beach Collection
£ 28.00
A luxurious, beach-inspired, 3-step polish and repair collection to soften, smooth and repair your feet.
Body Love Firming Buttercream
£ 25.00
A rich, velvety buttercream to cocoon your body in softness
Mini Body Wash Collection
£ 18.00
4 x 50ml Body Washes in 4 zesty fragrances - Limited Edition
Tropic Travel Essentials Skincare Kit
£ 32.00
Skincare minis from Tropic for soft,
supple, younger-looking skin.

Mini Tamanu Healing Balm 20ml
£ 18.00
A pocket-sized skin saviour for the whole family!
Tamanu Healing Balm 60ml
£ 32.00
An absolute skin saviour for the whole family!
Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil
£ 30.00
A hydrating body oil infused with golden shimmer, perfect for that radiant holiday glow.
Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent
£ 10.00
Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent is a clean and highly effective
aerosol spray to deter bugs.

Anti-Mosquito Citronella Bands
£ 10.00
A natural, citronella-impregnated colourful band to keep mosquitoes away.
Weekend Sun Protection Pack
£ 30.00
All your sunscreen essentials for
cabin baggage-only travel
Techniblock® Aftersun
£ 10.00
A soothing, moisturising and non-sticky after sun suitable
for all skin types.