Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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The Best SPF 50+ Sun Protection for Kids

The Best SPF 50+ Sun Protection for KidsIf the forecast is to be believed, we are in for a much needed and long awaited warm spell of weather over the next few days; with temperatures set to rise significantly, Spring has definitely sprung after the coldest and wettest April in decades.
As the kids go back to school for the Spring term, now is the time to think about arming them with sun protection for those, sometimes unexpected, hot days.
Techniblock SPF 50+ for Kids is a light and non-greasy spray that will keep your child protected throughout the school day.  It provides lasting, high protection for even the most sensitive skins.  Techniblock doesn't contain oils, emulsifiers or lanolin, allowing the skin to breathe and helping to prevent itchy, irritated skin rashes such as prickly heat.  Quick and easy to apply, it doesn't need rubbing in so they can even apply it themselves before heading out in to the playground.
Delivered in a leak-proof can with a twist-top locking lid, Techniblock SPF 50+ for Kids comes in a handy, 150ml size which is ideal for a school bag, and a larger, value for money 340ml can for days out and holidays abroad.  Extremely water and sweat resistant, our 50+ sun spray blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, ensuring your children can enjoy the sun safely at home, at school and on holiday.

Techniblock SPF 50 + for Kids
150ml - £16

Buy 2, Save £2 - £30
Buy 4, Save £6 - £58

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Techniblock SPF 50 + for Kids
340ml - £23.50

Buy 2 and receive a FREE pack of Moss-Bands - £47
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