Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock® SPF50+ Sunscreen 340ml

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Long lasting, water resistant aerosol protection
Twist-top locking lid
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  1. A powerful modern formula that gives skin advanced protection in high intensity sunlight conditions
    Non-greasy, non-sticky spray that works at any angle
    Very high UVA/UVB protection
    Extremely water resistant
    Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
    Proven to reduce the symptoms of prickly heat
    No oils, emulsifiers, perfume, colourants or parabens

    The Techniblock SPF50+ range is designed to last longer and is ideal for the beach or water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and swimming.
  2. With an actual Sun Protection Factor rating of between 56 and 61, our 50+ range provides very high protection for several hours, even in high temperatures.

    The unique formula is applied with the minimum of fuss and doesn't need rubbing in.  One application of this clear, lightweight sunscreen will keep your skin free of sunburn for 8+ hours, even whilst in the water, although everyone's skin is different so you may wish to re-apply throughout the day.

    Techniblock is non-greasy, oil and fragrance-free and extremely water resistant, allowing skin to breathe.  It is very suitable for fair and sensitive skins, particularly those prone to prickly heat.  Techniblock is almost transparent on the skin, leaving no sticky residue, allowing you to enjoy the sun safely and comfortably.

    The main base for many of the more traditional sun lotions and creams available today are oils and emulsifiers; these ingredients are used to encapsulate the UV filters which, when applied to the skin, tend to leave behind a greasy residue.  The higher the SPF, the more UV filters in the formula, and this often makes the product sticky and uncomfortable to apply and wear. Techniblock is different.  The UV filters are encapsulated in a CFC-free, ethanol-based spray that evaporates on contact, leaving behind just what's needed to protect against sunburn.

    It dries quickly and contains anti-oxidants and photo-stabilisers to help boost the skin's natural defense against premature ageing. Techniblock is a broad spectrum sunscreen, protecting against both UVA and UVB sunlight.

    The sealed and pressurised container prevents the formula from being compromised once opened so you can be assured that it will remain fully effective and there's no expiry date because it's an aerosol, which means no waste.

    Fully compliant with EU legislation for cosmetics and endorsed by CANSA, the South African Cancer Association, Techniblock is the sun smart choice to enjoy the sunshine, whether it's at home or abroad.

    Also available in SPF 30 and SPF 40, as well as a revolutionary SPF 50 Wet & Dry for water enthusiasts and a Children's range for water babies.  Why not try the non-comedogenic, non-greasy anti-ageing face cream and Techniblock Aftersun too!
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
It's very good and works for me.
Kathleen c.
Shopping Satisfaction
Amazing product and amazing service!
Nicola W.
Shopping Satisfaction
I started using this product last year, I burnt badly whilst sailing, after a chemist brand let me down.Using Techniblock (RYA recommendation) I have not suffered again, and have found Techniblock easy to apply, quickly dried off and it works great (factors 50+ and 40SPF).
This has been my first repeat order, now for the whole family. It arrived quickly, and with a bonus small tin, which I didn't expect after ordering two different factor tins.
Many thanks.
Chris W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Been buying these products for a good number of years now & they have always been better than the label says first tried them as our children used to suffer badly in the heat using others but since using them no more problems.
Julian H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Unsure as yet as not very sunny since it arrived.
Geoff B.
If we could make the sun shine brightly, will we get the other 2 stars :).
Shopping Satisfaction
Great, non greasy and easy to apply.
Paul N.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product that works so well. The delivery was so quick and efficient especially as I have had left it to the last minute! Great customer service.
Jeanette M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Container a bit too big - need to order a smaller one next time product is fine.
Gilmour m.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product. Will buy again.
Shopping Satisfaction
Really put Techniblock to the test in the 41c heat of Las Vegas. Fantastic product, no burning, just a lovely deep tan. Love it.
Gaynor K.

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