Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock SPF 50 Active Performance Sunscreen Bundle

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1 x SPF 50 300ml
2 x SPF 50 150ml 
1 x SPF 50 75ml

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  1. This sunscreen bundle features Techniblock's Active Performance Ultra-mist Spray and provides non-greasy, hypoallergenic protection against harmful UV.  Specially developed for active people who enjoy water sports, the new and improved formula is reef-friendly and especially kind to sensitive skin.

    Kind to your skin and environmentally-friendly, Techniblock is not tested on animals
    Free from Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, marine-friendly
    Instantly cools and refreshes, dries on contact with the skin
    Anti-pore blocking technology, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
    Prevents/stops prickly heat
    World-class sunscreen formula
    Invisible, non-greasy, water-resistant sun protection
    Long lasting, no need to constantly top-up
    PA++++ rating, the highest UVA rating currently available

    This pack provides 2 x adults with all-over protection for approx. 2 weeks

  2. Marine-friendly Formula

    Techniblock's SPF 50 Active Performance range

    provides clear, clean, non-sticky and breathable protection in a light ultra-mist spray. Specifically developed for active people who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports, the robust formula stays on even when perspiring or spending prolonged time in the water. Great for the beach too as sand won't stick and one application will last for several hours, allowing you to enjoy the sun safely.

    Designed to give effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays, Techniblock is recognised by the CANSA organisation as a preventive measure against skin cancer; dermatologically-tested, the unique anti-pore blocking technology ensures that skin can breathe, helping to reduce the symptoms of prickly heat rash so it's a particularly suitable sunscreen for sensitive skin that's prone to this irritating condition.

    Techniblock is also very good for vitiligo, ensuring those delicate patches that have lost pigmentation are protected against sunburn.  Long lasting, but incredibly easy to apply and without any stickiness, it absorbs quickly and the new anti-staining technology means minimal transference onto clothing.

    Developed in South Africa in a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory, Techniblock is a broad spectrum sunscreen containing anti-oxidants and photo-stabilisers to boost performance.  Free from oxybenzone and octinoxate, it's kind to your skin and kind to our oceans and coral reefs. Great for snorkeling, scuba diving and all other types of water sports, including trips to destinations such as Hawaii, California and parts of the Maldives where oxybenzone-based sunscreens are now banned.

    Techniblock has passed the 30 months + durability test and is compliant in terms of the FOODSTUFFS, COSMETICS AND DISINFECTANTS ACT, 1972 (ACT NO. 54 OF 1972) Government Notice No. R.1469 regarding minimum durability.  It has no expiry date because it is packaged in a sealed and pressurised airtight container, so there's never any waste and the twist-top locking lid ensures it doesn't leak. Once opened, Techniblock remains fully effective for 24 months.

    Techniblock has a PA+++ rating, providing the maximum UVA protection currently available.

    Apply in a sheltered, well-ventilated area. Hold can approximately 15 cm away and spray onto exposed skin. Palm of hand may be used to spread lightly to ensure even coverage. Re-apply after prolonged swimming,excessive perspiring or towel drying. Avoid spraying directly onto the face and keep product out of eyes

    Top Tips
    Apply sunscreen before insect repellent.
    Ensure hands are clean and dry, spray all over and then lightly rub in. No need to excessively wet skin.

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