Techniblock Sunscreen - a clear aerosol spray, non-greasy, unscented, fast drying, high protection
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Techniblock ® - Aerosol Sunscreen
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Techniblock® SPF 40 Sunscreen 75ml x 4 with Citronella

(Code: TEC407504C)
£ 26.00
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Techniblock® SPF 40 Sunscreen 75ml x 4 with Citronella
Techniblock SPF 40, now available with Citronella to keep you sunburn-free and bite-free, home or abroad!
Buy this pack and save £6

The best sunscreen now comes infused with citronella tokeep the bugs at bay when you're out in the sun. Combining great protection against sunburnwith the added bonus of an insect repellent, Techniblock SPF 40 Citronella isideal if you're on safari, fishing, camping or hiking and need a repellent anda sunscreen combined.

Providing high performance sun protection in a light,non-greasy aerosol spray, Techniblock SPF 40 75ml sunscreen is an idealsize to pop in a handbag or sports bag for when you need protection againstboth the sun and insect bites.

It offers a breathable, almost transparent barrier againstharmful UV and is suitable for sensitive skin, especially if you're prone toprickly heat. The sunscreen contains allthe important ingredients to protect but has the added advantage of Citronella,which is proven to repel midges, flies and mosquitoes.

If you're looking for daytime protection from sunburn andbites, this is an ideal solution.

This pack of sunscreen is perfect for hand-luggage travellers wanting excellent protection against the sun's harmful rays

Clear, non-greasy, lightweight aerosol spray

Oil and fragrance-free

Water and sweat resistant

Breathable Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

Free from emulsifiers and sulphates

Long lasting, high quality protection for all skin types

Contains photostablilisers to boost performance

Powerful, modern formula that won't let you down

A transparent, durable sunscreen that sand won't stick to!

Recommended by the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) as the most effective sunscreen for active people


Add a pack of our Citronella infused Mossi-bands to wear on your wristor ankle for even more peace of mind against irritating midges, flies andmosquitoes.


As the evening draws in, try Peaceful Sleep, an excellentbug spray to ward off insects from dusk until dawn. Now available as a money-saving twin-pack ora four-pack.

Our SPF 40 range is also available in the original Techniblock formula in 150ml and 340ml sizes.