Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock® - 5* Star Protection for Winter Sun

Techniblock® - 5* Star Protection for Winter Sun
We have just returned from a lovely holiday in Malaysia, where we spent 18 days soaking up the glorious sunshine in Langkawi and exploring the streets of Penang and Kuala Lumpur.
At this time of year, we enjoy nothing better than escaping the cold British winter and travelling long-haul to somewhere hot and sunny.  We love South East Asia and have visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand many times, always in January or February.  In our humble opinion, these are the worst two months of the year.  Christmas is well and truly over but spring seems a long way off.  The nights are cold and dark and the days are all too often gloomy and grey.  So it’s great to get away from it all and experience some sunshine.
Of course, as the owners of a sunscreen business, it also gives us an opportunity to road test our products!  As our skin hasn’t seen the light of day for months, it’s a real test for Techniblock.  One minute we are wrapped up in jumpers and coats and the next we are on the beach, with skin so pale because it hasn’t seen daylight for months!
We were keen to try out the new Techniblock SPF40 aerosol spray, which has been re-launched for the 2016 season, and we were not disappointed.  It went on very easily and dried almost instantaneously, leaving no sticky residue.  Within minutes, it felt like we were not wearing any sunscreen at all!  The super lightweight formula allows the skin to breathe easily and the absence of oils and emulsifiers in the formula means it’s the best sunscreen if you have an allergic reaction to the heat or suffer from prickly heat.  Despite the fact that it was 35 degrees every day, we didn’t experience any sunburn whatsoever and developed a nice gradual tan during our holiday.  We even put Techniblock through its paces on an all-day boat trip that included swimming and snorkelling and it protected us perfectly.
We also trialled the brand new Techniblock SPF50 Anti-Ageing Face Crème and were pleased to discover that this also provides the same high quality protection as the aerosol sprays.  Techniblock SPF50 Anti-Ageing Face Crème is a lightweight, non-greasy and very waterproof sun protection that moisturises and protects the skin against the harmful and damaging effects of over-exposure to UV rays. Exceptional natural extracts in the formula stimulates the DNA repair system in the skin, which enhances the complexion and combats the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by maintaining skin elasticity.  Also new this season is Techniblock® SPF20 Lip Balm, a fragrance-free salve that moisturises and soothes lips, keeping them soft and chap-free!  
The Techniblock® suncare range is continuously being added to and each product offers 5* high quality and affordable protection against the sun, whether you are dark skinned or fair, want complete protection of a healthy glow, there is a something to suit your skin type.  Browse our range of sunscreens in SPF15, SPF30, SPF40, SPF50+ as well as the new Anti-Ageing Face Crème, SPF20 Lip Balm and the children’s SPF50+ protection.  There are a number of discounts on offer; the more you buy, the more you save.  And, with it’s sealed, pressurised container and extended shelf life, there’s no waste so Techniblock® is great value for money too.  Shop today and discover the best sunscreen available.

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