Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Tackling a Prickly Problem - Techniblock Sun Protection

Tackling a Prickly Problem - Techniblock Sun Protection

When it comes to sun protection for sensitive skins, we think weíve got it covered!

Techniblock is a powerful, modern formula that offers advanced protection against harmful UV rays whilst allowing the skin to breathe.  Itís a light, transparent spray that goes on quickly and easily, doesnít have to be rubbed in, and lasts for several hours.

Traditional sun creams and lotions use emulsifiers to carry the UV filters that protect from sunburn; however Techniblock is completely free of oils and emulsifiers.  UV protection is delivered in a cooling, CFC-free ethanol-based aerosol spray that evaporates almost instantly on the skin, leaving behind just whatís needed to keep you protected in the sun.  The absence of emulsifiers means that Techniblock will not block pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin, which helps to prevent heat rash and prickly heat.  

Long Lasting, Water-Resistant Sun Protection

It all makes Techniblock extremely water-resistant, because oils and emulsifiers break down in water, therefore, prolonged swimming or water sports will make traditional sunscreens less effective whereas Techniblock will keep on protecting your skin, whether youíre in or on the water.

So, whatís not to love about a clear, non-greasy, oil and fragrance-free sun protection thatís really quick to apply and doesnít need constantly topping-up?  Forget sticky, gooey creams and lotions that leave your hands greasy, Techniblock is the sun protection for people who hate the hassle and mess of using a sunscreen but know that itís important to protect skin adequately when enjoying the sunshine. Aside from the very real and dangerous threat of skin cancer, something that now poses a higher risk to people in the UK than lung cancer, who wants to have their holiday spoiled by sunburn?  Itís painful, can make you feel very ill and often completely ruins the break that youíve looked forward to for so long!

Be sun smart this year and protect the skin youíre in with Techniblock sunscreen.

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