Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Swap Winter Blues for Holiday Views

Swap Winter Blues for Holiday Views
If your idea of Christmas cheer is relaxing by the sea, watching the sun set with a cold beer in hand, you may be one of the many people who has booked a trip to an exotic, far flung destination this winter.
It may have been a fabulous summer but most of us have been keeping everything under wraps since October so if you’re heading for the beach, cruising the Caribbean or jetting off on safari, a good quality sun protection and an effective insect repellent are holiday essentials.
With the majority of shops dedicating shelf space to Christmas and soon-to-be January sale goods, the choice of sunscreens are few and far between and often hard to find in the midst of all the tinsel and Christmas trees!
Browse our dedicated online shop for a great choice of sunscreens in a variety of SPFs and sizes to suit every skin type.
Techniblock SPF 30 is perfect for medium skin that tans easily, SPF 40 may be your SPF of choice if you are heading somewhere particularly hot and, if you are very fair skinned or a redhead, you can rely 100% on Techniblock’s SPF 50+ spray, which provides very high protection for those that burn easily.
The entire range of Techniblock sun protection sprays are quick and easy to apply, very long lasting, and completely free from oils, emulsifiers, parabens, fragrance and colourants.  Providing extremely water and perspiration-resistant coverage in a light, breathable formula that won’t let you down, Techniblock is particularly suitable for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat due to the absence of pore-blocking ingredients such as lanolin.  
There’s also a Kids 50+ so if you have children in tow, you can relax and enjoy your holiday whilst your little ones are enjoying theirs, safe in the knowledge that they are protected both in and out the water.
Many long-haul hot spots are also a magnet for midges and mosquitoes but don’t let irritating bites spoil it.  Ward them off with Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent, the best product on the market for preventing painful bites.  Available in both stick and spray format and in a handy travel-size if you’re going hand luggage only, the range is trusted by South African rangers on safari as a clean but effectively deterrent against insects. For added protection, try one of our naturally-infused citronella wristbands, a pack of 10 are just £10 and each band lasts for up to 200 hours.
When it comes to the sun, we’ve got your covered.  Shop now!

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