Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock - The Best Sun Protection for Sports People

When it comes to world-class protection for sports people, Techniblock Sunscreen is top of the league!

Whether you're playing it or watching it, if you're a sports fan you will undoubtedly spend many hours outdoors in the sun. Regardless of whether it's home or abroad, it's important to wear sun protection if you're a keen player of sport or follow a team. We don't often associate wearing sun protection with this type of activity and even if we do, it's often something that is ignored because applying and wearing sun cream is often messy and uncomfortable.

Techniblock is very different from the traditional sunscreens you find in shops throughout the UK.  It is a clear, lightweight and instantly drying aerosol spray that provides non-greasy, quick and easy-to-apply protection against harmful and damaging UV rays. Techniblock is oil and fragrance-free, sweat and water resistant, and breathable.  The formula contains stablilisers to boost performance and anti-oxidants to protect and moisturise the skin.  The absence of oils and emulsifiers means this modern sunscreen is particularly suitable for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat because it allows skin to breathe and won't block pores.

Whether you're whizzing along on a bike, whipping up a spray on the water or strolling along on the golf course, Techniblock offers high quality, fuss-free protection for every skin type.  Sunscreen is not just for a day at the beach, so discover our range of high quality, minimum-fuss SPFs and protect your skin every day.


Whether you're in the water or on the water, a long-lasting, water-resistant sunscreen should be in every water enthusiast's kit bag.  Techniblock has real staying power and has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments, providing a tough and enduring protection for several hours.  Light but robust, and no need to rub, Techniblock's unique SPF 50 Wet & Dry sunscreen is perfect for water sports because it can be applied to both wet and dry skin, ensuring complete all over protection.

Techniblock SPF 50 Wet & Dry has been developed using the very latest sunscreen technology, as well as anti-blocking and anti-stain ingredients. The reef-friendly formula is free from Oxybenzone and Octinoxate so it's as kind to our oceans and coral reefs as it is to our skin.

Offering broad-spectrum, PA++++ certified protection for all skin types.


50+ million people a year play golf and there are over 35,000 different courses to choose from around the world.  With the average round taking 4-5 hours, that's a staggering 720 million hours out in the open air.  It's no wonder that the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) partnered with us to help promote sun safety on the golf course.



A bad case of sunburn can be extremely painful and definitely ruin a weekend or holiday in the snow. Even though temperatures may be extremely cold, the potential for sunburn can be very high.

The risk of sunburn is much greater in alpine regions than at sea level because the atmosphere is thinner and less pollution is present to filter out ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Snow can reflect almost 90% of UV radiation so UV rays are much more likely to burn areas such as your chin and nose.

While sunburn is initially painful and uncomfortable it can also cause long term damage such as wrinkling, blotchiness, premature ageing and skin cancer.  Don't get caught out, make sure you have a small can of Techniblock to hand when heading off to the slopes, as well as the award-winning, SPF 50 Anti-ageing face cream.


Cycling has become very popular in recent years and it's great fun for racing enthisasts, mountain bikers and families alike.  However, a 3 hour bike ride, even in cloudy weather, will expose a cyclist to 18 times the recommend levels of UV without protection.

In addition to that little factoid, the recent fabric technology that is used in cycling clothing to offer wicking action and loose weaves may be very comfortable to wear but unfortunately, the very fibres that let heat and moisture out are pretty good at letting sun in. Combine a loose weave with sweat and the jersey and shorts you wear may have a SPF factor as low as 5. That adds up to a lot of sun over the course of a 40-mile ride.


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