Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Sun Protection for Runners

Not sure how many of you regularly use sun protection whilst out running? I hardly ever have; partly because I haven't looked into what's out there that might be good and I also had the perception based on a bad experience on the Ridgeway Relay years ago that using sunscreen blocked your pores, was very uncomfortable and prevented natural sweating and cooling.

Fast forward to 2015 - a close relative with melanoma - and more awareness of just how long I spend outside unprotected from the sun.

The majority of sun protection lotions and sprays are greasy because the active ingredients that prevent burning are put into emulsifiers and oils which naturally leave a greasy residue, making them sticky and uncomfortable to wear. Not great for runners!

This weekend I tried out some sun protection called Techniblock. Techniblock is non-greasy because the active ingredients are not delivered in emulsifiers but in ethanol, and as a result leave little or no trace on the skin.

It comes in an aerosol - there are a few different types, but I went for the maximum protection which was 50+ The one I got was £22.50 for 340ml, so didn't seem that expensive (and there are smaller versions available)

I used it on a 10 mile run up to Preston on Sunday morning and after the initial application I really forgot I had it on. There's no stickiness so I didn't come back covered in flies and most of all I felt like my skin could breath, sweat and cool normally. Overall I felt I'd found something which I could use and protect myself with whilst out running.

Posted by Martyn Annetts

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