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Small but deadly, Malaria is one travel bug to be avoided

Small but deadly, Malaria is one travel bug to be avoided
Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions of the world, including:
large areas of Africa and Asia
Central and South America
Haiti and the Dominican Republic
parts of the Middle East
some Pacific islands

Bite Prevention
Avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes is essential; reducing the number of bites you receive reduces the chance of infection developing so it’s important to take practical measures to avoid mosquito bites if you’re visiting an area where malaria may be present.
Mosquitoes that transmit malaria typically bite after sunset, although day biting mosquitoes transmit other diseases so bite avoidance should be practiced at all times.

Our Top Tips
  • Wearing loose long-sleeved clothing and long trousers can help prevent bites.
  • Mosquitoes may bite through thin clothing, so spray an insecticide or repellent on them. Insect repellents should also be used on exposed skin.
  • Spraying insecticides in the room, burning pyrethroid coils and heating insecticide impregnated tablets all help to control mosquitoes.
  • If sleeping in an unscreened room, or out of doors, a mosquito net impregnated with insecticide is a sensible precaution. Portable, lightweight nets are available to buy.
  • Garlic, Vitamin B and ultrasound devices do not prevent bites.
For some countries with a high risk of malaria, tablets to prevent malaria (antimalarials) are recommended.
  • Find out if malaria prevention tablets are advisable for the country you intend to visit.
  • It is important to practice Bite Avoidance as well as taking antimalarial tablets; no antimalarial tablets are 100% effective, but taking antimalarial tablets as advised reduces the chance of acquiring infection.
  • Antimalarial tablets do not prevent malaria parasites entering the body, but they do help to stop the infection establishing and symptoms developing.
We recommend Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent as a deterrent against bites from mosquitoes, midges, flies, fleas and ticks.  Developed in South Africa, Peaceful Sleep is the number one choice for Safari Rangers and has proven to be reliable and effective at preventing painful, irritating and potentially deadly bites.  It can be purchased in spray or stick format.  The aerosol offers clean, clear, non-greasy and non-sticky spray protection that is breathable and very suitable for sensitive skin.  One light application to the skin lasts for up to 8 hours.  Clothing can also be sprayed, including the turn-up on trousers.  The stick targets specific areas such as the face, ears, wrists and ankles and is also available in a non-DEET child friendly option for babies 6+ months and children up to 12 years of age.

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