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Melting in Miami, but Techniblock Wet & Dry helped us keep our cool!

Melting in Miami, but Techniblock Wet & Dry helped us keep our cool!
We received some negative feedback from one of our customers a few weeks ago about Techniblock's SPF 50 Wet & Dry sun protection.  The customer claimed that this sunscreen, purchased for a family holiday, did not protect his 4-year old daughter from sunburn.  Naturally, we were very concerned to hear this, and also somewhat surprised because we have had many 5-star reviews for this product over the years, as we have for all our Techniblock sunscreens.   The Wet & Dry is a firm favourite with many of our Royal Yachting Association customers, who spend several hours both in and on the water and love the fact that it can be applied to wet skin to top-up protection.

We were heading for a 5-day part business/part leisure break in Miami, Florida so took the opportunity to use Techniblock SPF 50 Wet & Dry while we were there. If we had a faulty batch, we needed to find out because top-quality products and happy customers are our top priority!

Miami in August is scorching hot!  From the moment the sun rises at about 7am, high concentrations of UV rays are everywhere.  The temperature peaks at between 33 and 35 degrees throughout the day, and only cools down to the high 20s in the evening, which makes the humidity pretty intense too.  Tough conditions for any sunscreen to contend with, especially when perspiring profusely and taking frequent dips in the pool and ocean to cool down. 
We were pleased, therefore, that Techniblock's Wet & Dry lived up to it's stellar reputation and gave us great protection. 

One of the best things about the SPF 50 Wet & Dry is that it can be applied to wet skin too, so it's easy to top up, especially if it's very hot and the UV rays are very intense, after prolonged time spent in the water, excessive sweating and towel drying.  There's no such thing as a total block so it's important to use an aerosol sun protection in a ventilated but sheltered area to ensure even and complete coverage of all areas that are going to be exposed to the sun.  Techniblock absorbs super quickly but it can be lightly rubbed in to avoid missing any bits and for some people, just one application per day is enough.  However, when it comes to very young children and those with very fair skin prone to burning, we always recommend a top-up of sun protection at least once or twice a day.  Following these simple tips will guarantee that, like us, you will stay sunburn-free, even in blisteringly hot temperatures.

And as for our thoughts on Miami, well it's a pretty amazing city.  Warm all year round, it's no wonder that the first sunscreen was invented here (yes, really, by a Miami pharmacist who invented Coppertone).  It's a vibrant, energetic melting pot of Latin culture, Cuban cuisine and Spanish influences.  The beaches are incredible, the restaurants plentiful and the music loud.  Great for people watching, you could spend many hours sipping on a Mojito watching the world go by!  But, be warned, you'll need plenty of dollars for a visit to this city, drinks are up to 4 times the price than in the UK and everything has tax and up to 20% gratuity added as standard.

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