Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Enjoy the Sun Safely this Summer

Enjoy the Sun Safely this SummerIf youíre the sporty type and love the great outdoors, thereís nothing better than the light evenings and warm days of the Great British summer to enjoy your favourite hobby.  Whether itís golfing, cycling, walking, playing tennis or sailing, itís always a lot more fun when the sun is shining.
Itís also safer to enjoy these, and many other activities, with a bit of sun protection on.  Most of us automatically reach for the sunscreen when we head for the beach, but itís just as important to protect your skin when playing sport and enjoying leisure time outdoors.  
If you want to look after your familyís health and well-being, but dread the thought of applying thick, sticky sun cream, we have the solution.  Techniblock® Aerosol Sunscreen is a clear, non-greasy, non-sticky sun protection spray that dries instantly on the skin.  Offering a long lasting, water and perspiration resistant barrier against harmful UV rays, Techniblock is oil and fragrance-free, allowing the skin to breathe.  The best sunscreen for sensitive skin, it will significantly reduce or even eradicate prickly heat, making it very comfortable to wear.
One quick application is all thatís needed to keep even the fairest of skins safe in the sun; itís easy to use and doesn't need rubbing in so it wonít interfere with your grip or leave a greasy residue on your golf club or tennis racquet.
Available in a range of SPFs from SPF15 to SPF50+ as well as an anti-ageing face cream and a lip balm, itís the easiest way to stay safe in the sun.  Thereís also a range specifically for young children and the sealed, leak-proof can means no mess in the bottom of your sports bag.

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