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Techniblock sees online and mobile sales soar with new technology

28 May 2019
Techniblock sees online and mobile sales soar with new technology
Skin care retailer Techniblock Suncare has seen sales almost double after implementing new technology to improve customer experience.

The sole UK distributor of the South African range of sun protection products reported that online sales increased by 97% over three months in 2019 following the revamp, compared to the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of visitors rose by 80%.

Techniblock Suncare is working with ecommerce specialist Oxatis Group to upgrade its web operation. The platform’s range of features gives Techniblock Suncare the flexibility to customise its site regularly with fresh content and promotions. It has implemented a ratings and reviews feature, while offering a money back guarantee to inspire confidence. Shoppers can also create a personal account, encouraging repeat orders. 

"Working with Oxatis Group has enabled us to develop a site that is user-friendly for our customers, and showcases our products to their best advantage,” said Tracey Parry, Director at Techniblock.

Techniblock Suncare also saw m-commerce sales rise by 11% following the launch of a new mobile site powered by progressive web app technology.

"We are seeing a real uptake of customers shopping this way,” Parry continued. "Buying sun protection products is on everyone’s to do list before they go on holiday and our mobile site has been designed to create a quick, smooth, intuitive journey.”

The retailer is running SEO and Google Ads campaigns with Oxatis Group to drive business to the site, and during the first month saw a return on investment of 19%.  

"Techniblock Suncare has successfully built up its brand from scratch in a fiercely competitive market,” said Marc Schillaci, CEO of Oxatis Group. "By investing in digital technology which enables the site to evolve as business grows, it has created standout web and mobile stores tailored to the needs of its customers.”

Techniblock SPF15 Discontinued

11 Oct 2016
Techniblock SPF15 Discontinued

We regret to announce that the manufacturers of Techniblock have decided to discontinue their Techniblock SPF15 sun protection spray.

There is no demand for such a low SPF in South Africa and even here in the UK the majority of Techniblock customers prefer to use the higher factors - SPF 30, SPF 40 and SPF 50+  Techniblock is primarily a high protection brand and higher SPFs protect better and last longer, making them much better value for money.

There is a very limited number of Techniblock SPF 15  left in stock and once these are gone, we will be unable to get any more.  We are the ONLY distributor of Techniblock products in the UK and Europe and there is no possibility of sourcing elsewhere.

If you have previously purchased Techniblock SPF 15, we recommend that you upgrade to Techniblock SPF 30.  It offers the same non-greasy, easy to apply, water resistant protection and will protect for longer than the SPF 15, which should be re-applied every 2-3 hours. 

Upgrading to a higher SPF does NOT double the protection and block out the sun more thoroughly.  A higher SPF does NOT mean you will not tan!  There is no such thing as a complete block - an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) outlines the difference as to how long unprotected skin will take to burn compared to skin protected with a sun protection product.

On average, it takes roughly ten minutes to begin to show the signs of sunburn so wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 offers 15 x 10 minutes protection (or 2-3 hours) before it would be necessary to re-apply.  Therefore, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 will protection for up to 5 hours and an SPF 40 prevents sunburn for up to 6 hours.  An SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB radiation but a SPF 30 filters out 97% providing a safer way to enjoy the sun.

The benefit of higher SPFs is that a person can be exposed to the sun for a longer period of time before having to re-apply sunscreen, although this is not true of all high protection products when they come in to contact with water.  Many creams and lotions contain oils and emulsifiers, which wash off with prolonged contact with water, and of course these ingredients also block pores, irritating sensitive skins prone to prickly heat.  This is where Techniblock has a great advantage over other sunscreens.  The absence of oils and emulsifiers creates a longer lasting, highly water resistant and ultra dry but invisible barrier against harmful UV rays.

SPF 30 is available in 340ml, 150ml and 75ml, giving you more choice.  Buy 2 or more cans and take advantage of discounted offers and free products.

Techniblock Joins RYA Member Reward Partner Programme

3 Jun 2016
Techniblock Joins RYA Member Reward Partner Programme

Techniblock Suncare has teamed up with the Royal Yachting Association to offer members exclusive discounts on its sunscreen range and help raise awareness of the importance of using a good quality sunscreen on the water, not just in the summer, but all year round.

In addition to the discounted and added value options available across the range, RYA members will benefit from a further 10% discount on all orders up to the value of £40 and 15% discount on orders over £40.

Tracey Parry from Techniblock Suncare Ltd. commented: "We are delighted to be working with the RYA and to offer all members a special discount on our range of products. Applying sunscreen is often a chore but as Techniblock is a light aerosol spray, it takes seconds to apply and dries instantly.  Extremely water resistant and long lasting, Techniblock is particularly suitable for water enthusiasts because it protects both in and out of the water.  All our customers benefit from added value and discount on Techniblock multi-packs but the further discounts for RYA members really does mean you’re getting great value for money too.

Techniblock® Aerosol Sunscreen is a lightweight, non-greasy, easy-to-apply sun protection spray.  Available in a range of SPFs from SPF15-SPF50+, it is ideal for all sports, offering long lasting protection for 6+ hours in a breathable, fragrance-free and fast drying formula that’s invisible on the skin and won’t interfere with performance.  Very sweat and water resistant, Techniblock protects in and out of the water.  This non-sticky sunscreen is clean and oil-free, allowing the skin to breathe, thus reducing the symptoms of prickly heat. 


"We are delighted to welcome Techniblock to the RYA Member Reward programme”, commented RYA Membership Development Manager, Conor Swift.  "Sunblock is an important part of all boaters’ kit bags so Techniblock is a great addition to our 50 plus member reward partners, offering products and services to our members, helping to cut the cost of their boating.” 


Dermatologically approved, Techniblock is an enduring sun protection designed for use in harsh environments, delivered in a leak-proof can.


To find out how to take advantage of this great offer visit the Techniblock Member Benefits page –


Techniblock sunscreens are available exclusively online at


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Pro Landscaper Magazine

24 May 2016

PGA South Africa Endorses Techniblock

10 May 2016

Special Offer for Golfers - Techniblock Sun Protection

11 Apr 2016
Special Offer for Golfers - Techniblock Sun Protection

The PGA has recently partnered with sunscreen provider, Techniblock® to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting your skin whilst enjoying a game of golf.  Techniblock® is an Official PGA Supplier, offering golfers a long lasting, high quality, easy to apply sunscreen.

What makes Techniblock® different to all other sun protection brands available in the UK is its non-greasy, long lasting formula.  The clear aerosol spray dries instantly, leaving little trace on the skin – no scent, no oiliness – an invisible barrier.  One application provides up to 5+ hours protection, perfect for a round of golf.   Techniblock is resistant to water and perspiration, fragrance-free and breathable so it won’t block pores or irritate the skin, reducing the risk of heat rash and prickly heat.

It comes in a sealed canister that won’t leak in your golf bag and its extended shelf life means there’s no waste. 
Golfbreaks Business Development Manager Darren Bragg has been putting Techniblock through its paces on the golf course and given it a resounding thumbs up.  "I thought the application was extremely easy and thorough and the non-greasy feel was amazing and so efficient particularly when applying some mid golf round.  The protection was great and no sun burn speaks for itself, I highly recommend Techniblock and look forward to using the product ongoing now and will definitely be spreading the word whilst out and about meeting fellow golfers”.
And Golf Pro Jamie Cundy agrees "It’s the best sun protection on the market by far and an absolute must-have for your golf bag.  It’s really easy to use and is very resistant to perspiration, perfect for sport”.
Whether you play for leisure or are a PGA Golf Pro, if you’re spending several hours on the greens a good sun protection is vital.  Forget sticky, messy traditional sunscreens and try out Techniblock’s lightweight, dry formula.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please contact Tracey at Techniblock on 07769 943200 or email

Jo Habgood, Editor, Surrey Golf Magazine


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