Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Be ready for the day when international travel re-opens by stocking up on these great offers.  Up to 38% off Coppertone sunscreen.  Limited number available, this product has been discontinued by Techniblock Suncare so grab it while stocks last.  

The majority of aerosol products produced for the EU market do not carry expiry dates because they are effectively sealed units with no opportunity for contamination, even after opening.  Some US products, including Coppertone, do carry an expiry date but as there is no risk of deterioration impacting on the safety of the consumer from first use for up to 24 months after opening/expiry date, we can confirm that all aerosol products remain fully effective and stable beyond this date.

The following statement is documented in both Cosmetics Europe, the Personal Care Association (which used to be COLIPA) website, and also published in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Directory and Handbook by the PCPC (Personal Care Product Council), previously known as the CTPA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association)

For products that remain durable for more than 30 months, the date of minimum durability should consist of either the Month and Year (MM/YYYY) or the day, month and year DD/MM/YYYY in that order. Exceptions are products in containers where there is no opportunity for contamination, ie. Aerosols, which are effectively sealed.

Please note that the date on the Coppertone SPF 30 is March 2021.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

Coppertone Sport SPF 30 Continuous Sunscreen Spray 5.5oz
Stays on strong when you sweat
No Dyes, PABA, Oxybenzone
£ 16.00
(-25.00%) £ 12.00
Coppertone Sport SPF 30 Continuous Sunscreen Spray 5.5oz x 2
Twin-pack of Coppertone
SPF 30 Continuous Spray
Light on the skin, strong on protection
£ 32.00
(-37.50%) £ 20.00
Coppertone Sport SPF 30 Continuous Sunscreen Spray 5.5oz x 4
Continuous Spray
Lasting, high performance protection
£ 64.00
(-37.50%) £ 40.00

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