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Miami is a vibrant, energetic and lively place to visit and one of the warmest cities in the US. With warm temperatures in winter, and very hot and humid weather in summer, you’re guaranteed wall-to-wall sunshine all year round. It’s a little-known fact that a Miami pharmacist invented suntan lotion, and his recipe ultimately became Coppertone, so it seemed a fitting place for us to visit.

This sub-tropical city located in the sunshine state of Florida, between the Everglades and the North Atlantic Ocean, attracts more than 14m visitors every year.

Miami is the influx of South American and Spanish culture that mixes Latin rhythm and Cuban cuisine, a cultural melting pot that makes for great people watching and an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants.

South Beach is rightly famous for its Art Deco architecture. Stroll the streets and feast on the creamy yellow, pink, blue, and purple walls around you, walls flowing into the fanciful shapes of Art Deco style. Sit back with a cool cocktail and watch Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s and Maserati’s cruise up and down Ocean Drive or enjoy shopping and a meal at one of the many restaurants that line Lincoln Road. Visit Espanola Way for some authentic flamenco dancing and a great party atmosphere.

We also took a trip out to Little Havana to visit the famous Ball and Chain Jazz venue, who’s claim to fame includes performances by Count Basie, Chet Baker and Billie Holiday. We spent a couple of hours sipping Mojitos and enjoying delicious spicy chicken as we listened to some great jazz standards.

With so much to keep us out until the small hours at night, we were glad to spend most of our days relaxing on Miami beach. This beautiful stretch of golden sands extends as far as the eye can see and the ocean is bathwater-warm and calm. We saw shoals of fish just off the shore, as well as a couple of small sharks and an enormous manta-ray that swam up so close it was within touching distance.

We loved Miami but, be warned, it’s a playground for the super-rich and the prices reflect that. We spent 5 days there in 2019 and, admittedly, the exchange rate was not in our favour but even taking that into account, $17 for a small beer and $155 for a bottle of wine and two bowls of pasta (plus tax and 20% compulsory gratuity) took its toll on our wallets.


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