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Sun Safety - Top Tips from Techniblock



We take it with us wherever we go. It holds us together, protects our bodies, regulates our temperature and allows us to experience our world through touch - our skin is vital, yet we often neglect it, as we take it for granted. The truth of the matter is that it needs our protection, not just on our annual two-week holiday, but all year round.

Research has shown there’s a greater link between UVA exposure and the onset of malignant melanoma - the least understood type of skin cancer and this has highlighted a need for more effective UVA protection to be included in sunscreen formulations.

Skincare experts recommend choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection and an SPF of at least 30, and preferably SPF 40 or 50 for fair skin.

Everyone wants to enjoy the sun, but it must be enjoyed safely. There is an enormous array of sun protection lotions and creams on the shelves in UK stores, but with so much choice on offer, it can prove difficult to decide which sun protection to buy.

Techniblock is a South-African manufactured broad-spectrum sun protection that’s been developed in a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory in Johannesburg. It is fully compliant with the EU’s stringent standards and legislation for sunscreens, has been awarded the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) approved seal of recognition and carries CANSA’s SunSmart logo. This seal of recognition is given to products that offer protection against natural environmental elements that may lead to cancer, elements such as solar radiation, water quality and air pollution. So, not only is Techniblock highly effective at protecting the skin against the damaging and harmful effects of the sun, it is also a barrier against the everyday elements of life that are absorbed through the skin.

But, apart from the science stuff, there is something else truly unique about Techniblock. It is one of the easiest sunscreens to wear. Forget sticky, heavy-weight sunscreen that takes ages to absorb, Techniblock is a clear, non-greasy spray that is instantly absorbed, highly water resistant, fragrance-free and lasts for hours. Because it doesn’t contain oils or emulsifiers, there is no need to constantly reapply every five minutes, one application of Techniblock Sun Spray SPF50+ will provide over 6 hours protection. Just spray and go, protection made simple!

So, be sun smart, be sun savvy, if you are heading off to the sunshine, make the sun smart choice and choose Techniblock.


Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 at all times, and don't forget your ears and lips.

Stay out of direct sunlight between 11am and 4pm.

Plan any outdoor activities, such as gardening, walking or playing sport, to avoid the sun when it's at its hottest, usually between 11am and 2pm.

If you are prone to sweating, choose a highly water resistant sunscreen.

Even on overcast days, dangerous UVA and UVB rays still make their way through the clouds and increase the risk of melanoma.

No sunscreen offers 100% protection, there’s no such thing as a total block so you should always wear a hat and sunglasses. Your forehead, scalp and ears are high risk areas for burning and even more so if you are bald or have thinning hair. Aerosol sunscreens, such as Techniblock, can be sprayed directly onto the scalp for maximum protection.

Shade offers some protection, but you will still get reflective radiation so ensure you wear sunscreen, even if you are under a parasol or a shady tree.

If you are on the water, sailing or boating, ensure you are well protected as water reflects and scatters UV light, making those rays even more intense. Techniblock is a Reward Member for the Royal Yachting Association and offers an exclusive discount to RYA members.

Wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs is a good idea but bear in mind that not all colours provide the same amount of protection; wear darker colours as these will stop more of the sun's rays than lighter colours.

If you are gardening, use an umbrella/parasol, sun tent/gazebo or choose a spot in the shade, which will also help you to stay cooler.

Full body sun protection is important and certain areas like the neck are especially vulnerable. If you don’t have anyone to help apply your sunscreen, it can be tricky to reach behind you, but with Techniblock you can spray it easily on your back/neck and it also works upside down too!

Protect your eyes with wraparound sunglasses with a good quality UVA blocking filter.

Although Techniblock is a very long lasting sun spray, offering high quality protection for up to 6+ hours, we always recommend that you top up your sunscreen, especially if it is very hot or you are very fair.

People with black or Asian skin are still at risk of skin cancer so don't be fooled in to thinking that darker skin types don't need to bother with sunscreen. It's simply not true.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Remember, the sun moves! What was in the shade in the morning will not be a few hours later.

Excessive sunbathing is dangerous, not to mention ageing. Keep those age spots and thread veins at bay with a good quality sunscreen like Techniblock Aerosol Sunscreen and Techniblock Anti-Ageing SPF50 Face Protection Cream.

If you're a water-babe, try Techniblock SPF50 Wet and Dry, which can be applied on to wet or dry skin.

Keep children cool and comfortable with Techniblock SPF50+ for Kids; high protection in a lightweight spray that sand won't stick to.


We are fortunate to be able to say that we have never had anyone complain about sunburn when using Techniblock and following our top tips should prevent any problems. However, f you do suffer from a case of sunburn, there are a few things you can do to ease the symptoms.

• At the first sign of skin reddening or the tingling of a burn, get out of the sun and start treatment. (Most sunburns can be treated at home).

• Sunburn can sneak up on you and can take four to six hours for the symptoms to develop.

• Take a cool shower or bath.

• Apply Techniblock After Sun for fast, cooling relief and to help moisturise skin and reduce dryness.

• Drink plenty of water and watch for signs of dehydration (dry mouth, thirst, reduced urination, headache, dizziness and fatigue). Drinking water helps your body recover the fluid loss caused by sun exposure and heat.


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