Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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We used Techniblock for our 2 week holiday in Spain and for the first time ever my husband and son got through the entire time in very hot and sunny conditions without so much as a hint of prickly heat. Obviously we are all delighted and will be telling everyone we know about how fabulous it is! We're going to South Africa in December and now feel much more confident about being able to enjoy it without the scourge of either prickly heat or sunburn.

Loved Techniblock!  Was in the Caribbean sailing for a month and did not burn at all. Had previously suffered with prickly heat and had no problems with Techniblock. Very happy to recommend. Thank you for my lovely golden suntan!! Audrey Mills

I have used the facial sunscreen daily since I received it and I love it! I'm a Dermatologist and we use a lot of sunscreen with the treatments as we are working with active acids, it's so important to protect the skin all year round.Kara MacDonald-Bell

This stuff is amazing after many years in fact decades of suffering with prickly heat I have just had my first holiday with no prickly heat. I have tried every sun cream you can name and none have ever worked. Now thanks to TECHNIBLOCK I can once again enjoy the sun. I cannot recommend this amazing product highly enough.Paul Allen

I thought the application was extremely easy and thorough and the non-greasy feel was amazing and so efficient particularly when applying some mid golf round.

The protection was great and no sun burn speaks for itself, I highly recommend Techniblock and look forward to using the product ongoing now and will definitely be spreading the word whilst out and about meeting fellow golfing professionals. Darren Bragg, Business Development Manager,

Simply fantastic, easy to use, great protection.  I have been using Techniblock for a number of years.  I was introduced to it by a South African friend and would recommend it to anyone.  A little pricey but well worth it.  M Avery

Used this product for 2 years now.  In Lanzarote, only applied once per day but never got burnt and did get a good tan.  Highly recommend.  Richard Laidlaw

Used the SPF50+ Kids spray on a recent trip to the Seychelles and it gave excellent protection.  Highly recommend. John Elsey,

I started using this product last year and will only use this in future.  I suffer from really bad prickly heat and Ange Odeama but with Techniblock I have no symptoms at all.  It works really well, even upside down.  Buy it, you won't regret it. Pam Morton

Have used Techniblock products numerous times and have found them excellent.  Non-greasy, dries nstantly and no stickiness. I have recommended this product to several of my friends. G Westwell

We've used this product for years and always recommend it to our friends, who now use it as well. M Whitehead

I used Techniblock for the first time this year (2014) to protect my scalp from burning and tenderness.  This was on the recommendation of my father-in-law who had first come across it whilst in South Africa.  I was hugely impressed - no sore head, even when brushing my hair! S Clark

Excellent product for sun sensitive fair skin. I highly recommend. Every holiday my fair skinned fourteen year old daughter burns and experiences a rash on her skin. We have tried every high protection sun cream. This summer she used Techniblock 50+ sun spray for the first time and she experienced no sun burn or rash on her skin (we were in Spain for 6 weeks). My daughter is absolutely delighted that we've now found this product and would not use anything else. Excellent customer service too. Janet Whittle

Lovely, would not use anything else now.  So nice to use no rubbing creams in, telling my friends all about your products.wouldnt think about buying anything else now.thanks, good friendly service as well. Angie Bland

Great product. The best I've used.  Never burn when using it. 75ml is very handy size.  Dave Edwards

Excellent sunscreen.  We purchased this product whilst on holiday in South Africa,it is excellent and we are thrilled that we have found this web site to purchase it on line. Denise Hargreaves

Best sunscreen I've found. I suffer with prickly heat and have in the past had antihistamines prescribed by my GP which haven't worked. I have used high protection creams and anti allergy, nothing has worked effectively. Until now. I wore factor 30 Techniblock to start my holiday to Zante and even sprayed it on my hair to protect the colour too. The 340ml can lasted me 4 and a half days.  I then used the factor 15 but unfortunately it was far too hot for 15 for me. I had to then use my pocket spray which was a 30 too.  Once this had all gone I went to a local chemist in Zante, got some factor 50 Vichy sunscreen and not only did I then get prickly heat, I burnt, so did my husband.  In future I will make sure I take enough Techniblock to last the whole holiday. It's really good, doesn't feel tacky or greasy and, doesn't discolour clothes. The after sun is also good, I didn't use any moisturiser or hand cream for the entire holiday and I am usually obsessed with my face and hands.  As you can tell I would definitely recommend Techniblock, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from prickly heat. Pam Morton

Excellent protection from the sun.  Have been using 40 for years and now use 50. Still have a good tan and do not burn. George Hendey

Excellent!At last a sunscreen that doesn't make me desperately want to wash it off. It's easy and quick to apply evenly, disappears in moments with no residue, no feeling of stickiness, greasiness or 'clagging' at all. Within seconds I wouldn't know I've put it on except that my skin is comfortable in the sun. Lasts much longer than I would expect so it's good to see that shelf life is long. May it be available forever! Geri Coop

This is a great product and the only one I use on my daughters especially as I have one who burns very easily. Non greasy, easy to apply (even on the beach!) not sticky and it protected my fair skinned daughter on an african summer holiday when other products didn't! Would highly recommend!  Alison Harding

Excellent sunscreen.  Very quick and easy to use. My children have never got sunburn when we have used this product even when going in and out of the water all day it only requires giving them a quick top up. John Coates, July 2014

Fantastic product, won't use any over the counter sun lotion again.  June 2014

Bought this product for the last 3 years, love it easy to apply, non sticky doesn't stain clothes and gives you a stunning tan! Best sunscreen on the market without a doubt. It is expensive but you get what you pay for, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! June 2014

Been using Techniblock for a few years now and, whilst it is expensive, it certainly works well. It's easy to apply and gives good coverage. Never burnt using this but tanned evenly. Great delivery and super fast. May 2014

The best sunscreen I've ever used.  Been using for over 5 years now and would highly recommend the product, which gives me the best burn free tan I've ever had and my dealings with the company have always been first class. Alan Stone

Excellent coverage and does what it says on the tin.  Been using Techniblock for a few years now and, whilst it's not the cheapest, it certainly works well.  It's easy to apply and gives good coverage.  Never burnt using this but tanned evently.  Great, super fast delivery. Alison Wright

Fantastic, have been using this for a couple of years now and have never burnt.  It's easy to apply and with no nasty smell. Would not use any other product after using Techniblock and have recommended to all my friends. Debi Booker

Excellent product, I have bought Techniblock for the last few years and would never go back to using creams or lotions. Techniblock is fabulous!  I would recommend to anyone.  Vicki Fox

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