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The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic
The future, certainly in terms of travel, is looking very uncertain at the moment.  We are 100% behind the #stayhomestaysafe mantra that is echoing around the world because the sooner we kick this virus to the kerb, the sooner we can reconnect with our loved ones and our love of visiting different countries.
As a small, family-run business, we have been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus and the impact it is having on the world.  As people come to grips with holidays being cancelled and the prospect of getting away from it all is nothing but wishful thinking right now, buying sunscreen is without a doubt (and unsurprisingly) the last thing on anyone's mind.
However, sun protection isn't just for a trip to Spain or South Africa, Asia or America.  As I write this, it is only mid-March, the first day of the UK's lockdown, and the sun is shining brightly in the sky.  I, for one, am grateful for that because blue skies and sunshine always cheers me up.  Hundreds of people will be taking advantage of the good weather to tidy up the garden, take the dog for a walk, enjoy a run or a bike ride  (while we still can) and this means that there's lots of UV bouncing around.
As we move fully into spring, as the weather (hopefully) continues to get warmer, everyone should be applying a bit of sunscreen while sitting in the garden.
We are still open, we are online and we are staying at home to run our business.  You can buy from us without having to "come into the shop", pay us without having to handle money, and take delivery without having to see the courier.  Parcels can be left in a safe place.
We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that our parcels are packed cleanly and safely; we are a family-run business, so we don't need to have contact with anyone outside of our family to service orders.  We wash our hands regularly and use hand sanitiser gel (yes, we managed to get some!)
What's more, we NEED you as much as you NEED sunscreen when it's hot!  Please don't forget us and don't forget your sunscreen.  Techniblock has NO EXPIRY DATE so you can buy now and use it at any time.  You won't be housebound and grounded forever.  We will be able to get out and about again before too long, to visit family and friends, both here in the UK and abroad, so be prepared for summer, be prepared for the lockdown to end, get ready to jump on a plane/boat/cruise and start travelling again and buy some sun protection now!  Protecting your skin with Techniblock will help us to protect the little business that we have been growing and nurturing over the years and we want to survive this unprecedented situation as much as we want everyone to survive this dreadful virus.

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Melting in Miami, but Techniblock Wet & Dry helped us keep our cool!

Melting in Miami, but Techniblock Wet & Dry helped us keep our cool!
We received some negative feedback from one of our customers a few weeks ago about Techniblock's SPF 50 Wet & Dry sun protection.  The customer claimed that this sunscreen, purchased for a family holiday, did not protect his 4-year old daughter from sunburn.  Naturally, we were very concerned to hear this, and also somewhat surprised because we have had many 5-star reviews for this product over the years, as we have for all our Techniblock sunscreens.   The Wet & Dry is a firm favourite with many of our Royal Yachting Association customers, who spend several hours both in and on the water and love the fact that it can be applied to wet skin to top-up protection.

We were heading for a 5-day part business/part leisure break in Miami, Florida so took the opportunity to use Techniblock SPF 50 Wet & Dry while we were there. If we had a faulty batch, we needed to find out because top-quality products and happy customers are our top priority!

Miami in August is scorching hot!  From the moment the sun rises at about 7am, high concentrations of UV rays are everywhere.  The temperature peaks at between 33 and 35 degrees throughout the day, and only cools down to the high 20s in the evening, which makes the humidity pretty intense too.  Tough conditions for any sunscreen to contend with, especially when perspiring profusely and taking frequent dips in the pool and ocean to cool down. 
We were pleased, therefore, that Techniblock's Wet & Dry lived up to it's stellar reputation and gave us great protection. 

One of the best things about the SPF 50 Wet & Dry is that it can be applied to wet skin too, so it's easy to top up, especially if it's very hot and the UV rays are very intense, after prolonged time spent in the water, excessive sweating and towel drying.  There's no such thing as a total block so it's important to use an aerosol sun protection in a ventilated but sheltered area to ensure even and complete coverage of all areas that are going to be exposed to the sun.  Techniblock absorbs super quickly but it can be lightly rubbed in to avoid missing any bits and for some people, just one application per day is enough.  However, when it comes to very young children and those with very fair skin prone to burning, we always recommend a top-up of sun protection at least once or twice a day.  Following these simple tips will guarantee that, like us, you will stay sunburn-free, even in blisteringly hot temperatures.

And as for our thoughts on Miami, well it's a pretty amazing city.  Warm all year round, it's no wonder that the first sunscreen was invented here (yes, really, by a Miami pharmacist who invented Coppertone).  It's a vibrant, energetic melting pot of Latin culture, Cuban cuisine and Spanish influences.  The beaches are incredible, the restaurants plentiful and the music loud.  Great for people watching, you could spend many hours sipping on a Mojito watching the world go by!  But, be warned, you'll need plenty of dollars for a visit to this city, drinks are up to 4 times the price than in the UK and everything has tax and up to 20% gratuity added as standard.

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Weíve not long returned from a trip to Thailand, one of our favourite destinations.  We always go away in the early part of the year to escape the cold and miserable weather and youíre pretty much guaranteed wall-to-wall sunshine in Asia.
This year was no exception and we enjoyed 3 weeks of bright blue skies and sizzling temperatures that didnít drop below 30 degrees Celsius for the entire trip.  When everythingís been kept under wraps since the summer, itís important to use a good quality sun protection that you can trust so, of course, we packed our Techniblock.  We had planned a couple of boat trips as well as some kayaking in the Khao Sok National Park and the SPF 50+ and SPF 50 Wet & Dry is perfect for this type of activity.
However, we also took the opportunity to test a brand new product from the States.  We are always on the look out for great sun protection and thereís no doubt that Techniblock is one of the absolute best, but we like to give our loyal customers plenty of choice and have discovered an excellent American brand called NO-AD.  It came highly recommended by one of our American friends and so we put it through itís paces in the searing heat of the Thai sun.
The verdict?  It performed brilliantly.  Itís very similar to Techniblock in that itís a continuous spray that distributes sunscreen on to the body in a quick and efficient way.  We found that it was best to spread it lightly with your hands to help it absorb quickly and once it settled on to the skin, it was clean and non-greasy.  We didn't burn at all, despite the high temperatures.  NO-AD is free from parabens, Retinyl Palmitate, oils and perfume, and the can holds 295ml so itís a great size offering great value for money.

NO-AD stands for "No AdvertisingĒ, with the manufacturerís declaring that rather than spending money on expensive adverts, they invest in creating a great sun protection range at an affordable price.

How is it different to Techniblock?  Well, in our view, it is not quite as ultra-dry as Techniblock and so itís best to lightly rub it in as you apply it, and itís not quite as water resistant so the recommendation is to top up after about 80 minutes of swimming or sweating.  Other than those two minor observations, we gave it a resounding thumbs up.  NO-AD is available in a lotion and a spray and we intend to introduce the CFC-free spray option to the Techniblock website in the next few weeks.

Due to range changes in South Africa, we have very limited stock of  Techniblock's SPF 30 in the 340ml size and will be unable to get further supplies for the foreseeable future. Although we are still able to offer our customers Techniblock SPF 30 in 150ml and 75ml sizes, we are aware that the 340ml size is very popular so the NO-AD SPF 30 Sport is a great substitute if youíre looking for a larger can.  If customer feedback is positive, and we think it will be, we will eventually expand the range to include NO-AD SPF 45 Continuous Spray and the SPF 50 Kids Continuous Spray, as well as a natural, clear mineral formula in lotion format for babies.
It's coming soon so give it a try this summer, you wonít be disappointed.
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Small but deadly, Malaria is one travel bug to be avoided

Small but deadly, Malaria is one travel bug to be avoided
Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions of the world, including:
ē large areas of Africa and Asia
ē Central and South America
ē Haiti and the Dominican Republic
ē parts of the Middle East
ē some Pacific islands

Bite Prevention
Avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes is essential; reducing the number of bites you receive reduces the chance of infection developing so itís important to take practical measures to avoid mosquito bites if youíre visiting an area where malaria may be present.
Mosquitoes that transmit malaria typically bite after sunset, although day biting mosquitoes transmit other diseases so bite avoidance should be practiced at all times.

Our Top Tips
  • Wearing loose long-sleeved clothing and long trousers can help prevent bites.
  • Mosquitoes may bite through thin clothing, so spray an insecticide or repellent on them. Insect repellents should also be used on exposed skin.
  • Spraying insecticides in the room, burning pyrethroid coils and heating insecticide impregnated tablets all help to control mosquitoes.
  • If sleeping in an unscreened room, or out of doors, a mosquito net impregnated with insecticide is a sensible precaution. Portable, lightweight nets are available to buy.
  • Garlic, Vitamin B and ultrasound devices do not prevent bites.
For some countries with a high risk of malaria, tablets to prevent malaria (antimalarials) are recommended.
  • Find out if malaria prevention tablets are advisable for the country you intend to visit.
  • It is important to practice Bite Avoidance as well as taking antimalarial tablets; no antimalarial tablets are 100% effective, but taking antimalarial tablets as advised reduces the chance of acquiring infection.
  • Antimalarial tablets do not prevent malaria parasites entering the body, but they do help to stop the infection establishing and symptoms developing.
We recommend Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent as a deterrent against bites from mosquitoes, midges, flies, fleas and ticks.  Developed in South Africa, Peaceful Sleep is the number one choice for Safari Rangers and has proven to be reliable and effective at preventing painful, irritating and potentially deadly bites.  It can be purchased in spray or stick format.  The aerosol offers clean, clear, non-greasy and non-sticky spray protection that is breathable and very suitable for sensitive skin.  One light application to the skin lasts for up to 8 hours.  Clothing can also be sprayed, including the turn-up on trousers.  The stick targets specific areas such as the face, ears, wrists and ankles and is also available in a non-DEET child friendly option for babies 6+ months and children up to 12 years of age.

Shop Now

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Swap Winter Blues for Holiday Views

Swap Winter Blues for Holiday Views
If your idea of Christmas cheer is relaxing by the sea, watching the sun set with a cold beer in hand, you may be one of the many people who has booked a trip to an exotic, far flung destination this winter.
It may have been a fabulous summer but most of us have been keeping everything under wraps since October so if youíre heading for the beach, cruising the Caribbean or jetting off on safari, a good quality sun protection and an effective insect repellent are holiday essentials.
With the majority of shops dedicating shelf space to Christmas and soon-to-be January sale goods, the choice of sunscreens are few and far between and often hard to find in the midst of all the tinsel and Christmas trees!
Browse our dedicated online shop for a great choice of sunscreens in a variety of SPFs and sizes to suit every skin type.
Techniblock SPF 30 is perfect for medium skin that tans easily, SPF 40 may be your SPF of choice if you are heading somewhere particularly hot and, if you are very fair skinned or a redhead, you can rely 100% on Techniblockís SPF 50+ spray, which provides very high protection for those that burn easily.
The entire range of Techniblock sun protection sprays are quick and easy to apply, very long lasting, and completely free from oils, emulsifiers, parabens, fragrance and colourants.  Providing extremely water and perspiration-resistant coverage in a light, breathable formula that wonít let you down, Techniblock is particularly suitable for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat due to the absence of pore-blocking ingredients such as lanolin.  
Thereís also a Kids 50+ so if you have children in tow, you can relax and enjoy your holiday whilst your little ones are enjoying theirs, safe in the knowledge that they are protected both in and out the water.
Many long-haul hot spots are also a magnet for midges and mosquitoes but donít let irritating bites spoil it.  Ward them off with Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent, the best product on the market for preventing painful bites.  Available in both stick and spray format and in a handy travel-size if youíre going hand luggage only, the range is trusted by South African rangers on safari as a clean but effectively deterrent against insects. For added protection, try one of our naturally-infused citronella wristbands, a pack of 10 are just £10 and each band lasts for up to 200 hours.
When it comes to the sun, weíve got your covered.  Shop now!

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Following popular demand from our customers, we are pleased to confirm that we are now stocking a wider range of Peaceful Sleep products.

Peaceful Sleep is the number one, best-selling insect repellent in South Africa,

and is now available via the Techniblock website for delivery within the UK and some European countries (see website for details).

Trusted by safari rangers, who spend all day, every day in the bush, this clean, clear repellent is proven to deter midges, mosquitoes, flies, ticks and fleas.

Available in a light, but highly effective, aerosol spray that goes on easily and doesnít leave a sticky residue, which is great for sensitive and irritated skin, as well as in stick format to target specific areas such as the ears, wrists, ankles and neck.

Containing 15% DEET as well as natural plant-based oils such as lemongrass and citronella, itís not unpleasant to use and one application will protect against irritating and painful bites for up to 8 hours.

The spray is also available in a handy, 85ml can making it ideal for hand-luggage travel only. Check out our Weekend Travel packs, containing a 75ml sunscreen for the face and body, a lip balm and an 85ml can of Peaceful Sleep.

We have also introduced a new, kid-friendly Family Care repellent in stick format, which is suitable for babies from 6 months and children up to 12 years. The Peaceful Sleep Family Care repellent stick is DEET-free, but equally as effective at keeping the bugs at bay. Combine this with one of our citronella-infused Anti-Mosquito bands and your child will be bite-free and happy.

And last, but not least, if you are looking for a sunscreen and a natural insect-repellent in one, then try Techniblockís SPF 40 spray infused with citronella. It comes in the handy, 75ml size that so many of our customers love so itís perfect for a weekend away or popping in a pocket or handbag for protection on the go from sunburn and bites.

See the full range of Techniblock and Peaceful Sleep products online,
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